Alisa is committed to helping children and leaving the world a better place for her presence in it. Her bright smile and cheerful demeanor make her a joy to be around.

Jennifer Maes

Youth Services Contractor

Working together with visionaries from Twin Cities organizations and Minnesota governmental entities, Alisa Matheson works together to think systematically on how processes and procedures can be improved and allow teams to focus on the true issues and not get stuck in the menucha, thus impacting the lives of foster and adopted children and youth, now and in the future.

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Foster Care Adoption Blogger

View wisdom gathered as Alisa has traversed the foster and adoptive world system as a single woman.

Along the way, she became an enthusiastic pro-reunification foster parent, an advocate for youth in the foster care system to have less moves and access to their full story, and an advocate for better trained and prepared adults and workers.

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Minneapolis Photographer

As a Minneapolis, MN professional photographer for the past ten years, Alisa engages clients of all ages and help them have a fun and enjoyable session. When accomplished, this joy jumps out of the final photos and will be a treasured memory for years to come.

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