Lifebooks for Foster Care and Adoption

Many foster and adopted adults speak with pain about the missing pieces of their history. Many have chunks of their lives they cannot remember, they are missing – simply gone. As a foster or an adoptive parent, you can help fill in some of these gaps. Lifebooks are a great way to honor your foster child’s (or adopted child’s) life – ALL of it.

Social Stories for Kids in Foster Care

A social story is a powerful tool to be used to help foster children understand typical reactions to UNUSUAL situations – like moving from one home and one set of parents to another. Changing homes multiple times in early childhood is not typical in the general population, but for those involved in foster care, it is far too common.

A How-to Guide for Foster Care Adoption

Often people think that adopting from foster care is complicated. It is complex, but it is also a road that many, many people have walked before you. There are two main ways to adopt from foster care:

-Concurrent Adoption (our story)
-Foster Adoption (adopting a child that is freed for adoption before meeting you)

9 Things You Need To Do AFTER You Adopt

After the judge declares your child’s adoption is finalized, you thought the paperwork was done and you could just live life right?! Well, no. If you want to do it right, make sure everything is done RIGHT. Here are some things nine things to consider in the weeks after your child’s adoption is final.

Concurrent Adoption from Foster Care

If you find yourself wanting to adopt a younger child from foster care – that’s okay, the simple answer is that there ARE infants and toddlers who need a home from foster care, but they need a special kind of family. They need a family who can ride the roller coaster with them. To support the birth family as long as possible and to be in it for the long haul, for the child’s good – no matter where they grow up.

When a family is committed to providing foster care for a child and AT THE SAME time being open to adopting the child if they need an adoptive family, this is called concurrent adoption.

The First Night in Foster Care: What Foster Parents Need to Know

Picture this, a school-age child is dropped off at your home by a social worker. They have just been removed from their parents. They are scared and confused. The worker leaves and you are face to face, alone with this child. Now what?

The First Night in Foster Care: What You Need to Know