Foster Care Adoption

Children and youth enter foster care at no fault of their own. The number one goal of all foster parents should be reunification, but there are always children and teens who cannot return to their birth family. In fact, according to NACAC, 24 percent of child and youth, who leave foster care are adopted. OfContinue reading “Foster Care Adoption”

9 Things you need to do AFTER you adopt

After the judge declares your child’s adoption is finalized, you thought the paperwork was done and you could just live life right?! Well, no. If you want to do it right, make sure everything is done RIGHT. Here are some things nine things to consider in the weeks after your child’s adoption is final.

Adopt A Baby from Foster Care

There are many factors that go into an adoptive placement decision, but most social workers follow a general placement preference for a child in need of a permanent family, always based on the willingness of the adults to parent and their suitability to do so. Which is why there are generally not infants, toddlers orContinue reading “Adopt A Baby from Foster Care”