Child Specific Recruitment

Child Specific Recruitment for Foster Youth in Minnesota

I just have to tell you that the recruiter is wonderful! Her calm, encouraging demeanor, extensive clinical knowledge and skill, and personal experience make her perfect for the recruiter job.

Past County Social Worker

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We focus on each youth’s unique strengths, experiences & needs, in order to find an appropriate long term familial connection.

We believe a youth-focused approach to recruiting an adoptive or concurrent family includes a full comprehensive review of the child’s history both before and during their entrance into foster care, recognizing the wholeness of their life experiences. In light of that, we develop an individual recruitment plan, with input from the youth and invested adults, both professional and personal.

This plan is unique to each youth, but most include a search for and engagement of their original family and community connections; regular engagement with county staff, therapists and support people; and also responding to, evaluating, matching and supporting current and future placements.This youth-led program includes at least monthly face-to-face contact between the youth and recruiter and the creation of a full life book/memory book for each youth served. Child Specific Recruitment (CSR) serves children and youth whose parents may be at risk for termination of parental rights or have already had rights terminated without another clear next step in order to find and support long-term, stable and supportive permanency options and extended family support for children and youth in and out of home placement.

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