One woman show, Attempting Agape, has grown over the years. Alisa is proud to share her love of photography, adoptive parenting and foster care advocacy.

My name is Alisa Matheson and I am the Founder & CEO of Attempting Agape, a labor of love, 10 years in the making. Attempting Agape has grown as I have and I am proud to share my life of photography, parenting and foster care advocacy.

I love coffee, deep conversations, snuggles with my kid and justice on the street. I welcome you to share in my journey.

Here is a peak into my world how I got here.

In 2010, I launched Beloved Pieces Photography to capture the moments of shared joy, with a focus on family, child, engagement, maternity, senior and newborn photography.  My favorite types of photoshoots are those that capture kids being kids and families being families, doing normal everyday things, like going for a walk, blowing bubbles, being silly together, or going to the park.

At the same time, I launched a blog, to share my personal foster care journey with family and friends. Eventually, the love of photography and foster care adoption merged under the umbrella of Attempting Agape.

The name comes from a desire to live and love beyond me.To attempt something is, “to make an effort to achieve… something, typically a difficult task or action”.  Agape is a word we don’t use often, but it “embraces a universal, unconditional love that… goes beyond just the emotions, to the extent of seeking the best for others.”

My mission for Attempting Agape is to capture joy through photography and to team with all those impacted by adoption and foster care in order to think creatively on how things can be improved for foster and adopted youth, from the simple to the complex.

Most people feel that loving kids through adoption or foster care is a win-win, a joyful, rewarding thing. I now know that before or after you adopt, loving kids not born to you is complex and full of contradictions.

When I look around me, the story reads one of two ways. Either loving kids is a joyous love-filled miracle that saves people or adoption and foster care rip families apart and should never happen.  The truth is somewhere in the middle and no matter which narrative we listen to, adoption and foster care are realities we have to wrestle with.  

The reality is that foster care and adoption only exist because families have been separated.  And yet, I know I adore my little family formed by adoption, am amazed that I get to be a mom to this little person and cherish the time shared with my foster kids. It’s complicated.

For the good of the generations after us, let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable, push some boundaries, ask the hard questions, embrace the complexities and challenge the current story told about adoption and foster care.

We will teach and be taught as we walk our own paths, side by side, attempting something that is beyond us, unconditional love, tinged with loss. Together, we will attempt selfless love and capture the joy that is found along the way.

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