Parent Coach and Consultant

For the past 10 years, Alisa Matheson has equipped foster and adoptive parents to embrace the complexities of the child welfare system, in order to effect change for generations to come, by understanding the foster youth and adoptee experience and being truly supportive of birth families.

She is committed to helping children and leaving the world a better place for her presence in it. Her bright smile and cheerful demeanor make her a joy to be around.

Jennifer Maes

Attempting Agape Blog

View Alisa’s journey as a single adoptive mom, as she discusses the process, adoption as a single woman, the in and outs of being a foster parent, how to support birth family and maintain your sanity all at the same time.

Workshop Facilitation and Coaching

Alisa leads groups as they strive to walk the wrestle with the reality of adoption and foster care. She will guide the group into a dialog about adoption, relationships, and family, while not shying away from the complexities at schools, foster care/adoption agencies, and professional organizations.

  • Parent Engagement/Support Group Facilitation
  • Direct Worker Group Facilitation

Topics Include:

  • Concurrent Adoption The Reality. Discuss the joys and the extra layers of grief and complexity when foster family can become adoptive family, but sometimes do not.
  • Birth Parents Are Not the Enemy. Delve into the often complicated world of birth family and adoptive/foster family relationships, and discuss ways to bridge gaps, help everyone understand the others experience and encourage all adults involved to work together to support the health and well being of the child.
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