Social and Medical History

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We treat the story of each youth as their own, that is precious and worthy to be told fully, covering all the highs and lows.

Our past helps us understand who we are and helps us prepare for the future. For many youths in foster care, the knowledge of this past is fuzzy at best.A social history tells us who we have known and what we have done. This includes a full placement history, the reasons surrounding entrance into foster care, the court involvement and plan for after foster care, sibling ages, names & locations and the current level of functioning of the youth.

This also goes beyond the facts to get information directly from the youth’s original family, the previous foster families and current caregivers to get information not found in any court documents, such as family stories, positives of the youth and their original family and the love, hopes and dreams for youth’s life moving forward.

Medical history can enlighten the way the youth receives medical care now and as they move into adulthood. We cover the youth’s pre-natal and birth details, past medical records, and potentially genetically inherited conditions. Once completed, the Social & Medical History becomes part of the court record, is shared with youth at age 18 and is given to adoptive families at the time of placement.

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